Did you know that more and more employers are not offering dental care as a part of their benefits package? Or if they are, their employees are still responsible for 100% of the premium? If this is the case for you, then you can opt out of your group insurance plan and find your own plan that is cheaper and more comprehensive. If you are a member of certain organizations, you can often find cheap dental insurance through them, such as schools, credit unions or rotary clubs.

What is Cheap Dental Insurance?

Different than discount programs or payment plans, cheap dental insurance is real insurance coverage at a lower rate. You should pay a lower premium and still have a high percentage of your services covered. There are many plans out there that are competitive and will fight for your business. Dental insurance covers diagnostic and preventative services, repairs, oral surgery, restorative work and root canals, either 100% or a large percentage.

When Do I Need Cheap Dental Insurance?

Since most dental diseases are preventable with regular care, it is safe to say that you always need cheap dental insurance. Who wants to pay high premiums and still have to pay high co-pays when you go in the office? There are plans out there for the average consumer where you can have your dental bills cut in half or more while still paying a low premium.

Where Can I Find Cheap Dental Insurance?

If you are a member of certain organizations like a credit union, a rotary club, AAA or AARP, you can find access to cheap dental insurance plans that others do not have. For example, the AARP partners with Delta Dental to give you two options for cheap dental insurance plans. Yes, you have to pay a fee to be a member of the organization, but the perks and opportunities offered usually make it worth it. Our site has information on cheap dental insurance plans available in your state. Another great site for dental insurance information is eHealthInsurance.com. There you can find comparison tools in the dental section to aid you in your search.

Why Should I Get Cheap Dental Insurance?

Dental care involves a lot more than just the occasional checkup and cleaning at the dentist. There are biannual cleanings, diagnostic services like x-rays, repairs to teeth and existing dental work, dentures, braces, crowns, extractions, root canals and more. Most dental diseases are preventable with regular dental care, so you should definitely get cheap dental insurance to keep your expenses low. If you are looking for dental insurance for yourself, just your children, or for your entire family, you are sure to find you are sure to find something that meets your needs.

Whatever you do, do not go without insurance. It may just be Murphy’s Law, but something is bound to happen when you are uninsured to leave you with bills you cannot afford to pay. Pay a little each month toward your dental insurance premium, and you will save yourself the agony of expensive dental bills if you need something done without insurance.