Teeth bleaching can be an expensive ordeal or a simple, inexpensive process. It all depends on what kind of results you expect and how fast you want to see those results. Here are a few tips to help keep your teeth white without expensive bleaching agents.

1. Use a toothpaste with a proven whitening formula. This is the easiest teeth bleaching procedure. The toothpastes have a gentle bleaching agent embedded in their formula.

2. Consider an at home tooth bleaching product like whitening strips or a whitening gel. These products are specially formulated specifically for bleaching. These provide a more intense bleaching agent than what is present in toothpastes. It is recommended that these be used for a limited time period, and not on a daily, permanent basis.

3. Brush your teeth with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that works well for teeth. It isn’t toxic in the small doses used for dental hygiene, and it has the added benefit of killing the germs and bacteria that can contribute to bad breath. No matter what method you use to bleach your teeth, consider carefully how you will protect your gums. Teeth bleaching agents can be very harsh to your tender gum tissue and around your lips. These chemicals can dry out your gums and lips creating painful cracks and sores. A good way to protect the soft tissue is with a thin coating of petroleum jelly.

Simple spread the jelly over your gums and around your lips. It provides a protective barrier. This keeps the tooth bleaching agents off your skin and gums. At the same time, it enables your to work on the stains and achieve the whitening results you are after. For those who are not satisfied with the somewhat slow results achieved with these cheaper, daily whitening methods, there are other options. Talk to your dentist about teeth bleaching treatments for at home or office use. The cost is significantly higher, but so are the results.

Your dentist or medical professional can fit you with a special tray for the at home treatments. On a regular schedule, you simply put the teeth bleaching agents into the tray, and then wear the tray for several hours a day. Teeth bleaching is a huge trend in today’s dental hygiene and cosmetic dentistry. There are products available for all levels of tooth whitening needs and budgets. The results can be remarkable!