Getting a cheap dental plan is easier than you may think. You do not have to go without insurance, and risk you or your family racking up large medical bills when you can get a cheap dental plan that will cover what you need. Here we will talk about the most common cheap dental plan, a discount dental plan, and cheap dental insurance to meet your needs.

Where to look for a cheap dental plan

There are so many places to find a cheap dental plan that suits you. You can look online, of course, and even use sites like to get quotes from all sorts of different plans. You can call your insurance agent and see what they have to offer, and you can find a cheap dental plan by calling the insurance company directly. I have found one price online and then a cheaper price when I actually call in. I think most companies assume you will not take this extra step and they can get a higher rate out of you if you just sign up online. Cover all of your bases and get an online quote as well as call in. At the very least, it will look like you have done your research and they will have to be honest in what they quote you.

What is the best cheap dental plan?

While it is hard to name a specific company or specific plan because every situation is different, I can at least give you some guidelines to make sure know what to look for when getting a cheap dental plan. After all, you do not want ‘cheap’ to mean low coverage. There are a lot of ways to get the coverage you need at a low rate, especially if you price shop and compare rates. Insurance companies fight for business so they really do stay competitive. If you are looking for a cheap dental plan, make sure you find one that covers preventative care at as close to 100% as possible. This means things like cleanings and fluoride treatments for kids will be covered. Insurance companies have found that covering preventative care saves them a ton of money in the long run. Think about it – if you have an incentive to go in for your routine checkups, you are less likely to have dental emergencies, and small issues like cavities are taken care of before they blow up into huge issues.

What is the difference between a cheap dental plan and insurance?

That depends. Sometimes people refer to them as the same thing, and other times, people refer to a cheap dental plan as a discount dental plan and insurance as something separate. A discount dental plan is a program where you pay a monthly fee and then you get discounted dental services through participating dentists. This is a great plan if you do not really care who your dentist is or you are comfortable working with a limited pool of dentists and specialists. Unlike insurance, you pay in full at the time of services rendered. There is no co-pay and you will not get treated unless you have the money. There are set rates for everything from cleanings to crowns. A cheap dental plan that is actually an insurance plan is simply a plan that does not cost you a bunch of money every month. You can find a cheap dental plan from $18 up to a few hundred dollars a month. It all depends what type of work you need and how many people you plan to insure what your idea of ‘cheap’ is.

The reason people have insurance is of course for emergency situations, but also for preventative and maintenance care in the hopes of avoiding many of these emergencies. If you have ever had tooth pain, you know that is not something you want anyone to go through, and you do not want to face it yourself ever again. If you find a cheap dental plan, it is a win-win situation. You will have coverage for your experiences at a place many people fear – the dentist. But you will be happy instead of scared because you know you have your cheap dental plan to cover your care.