We’ve all seen it before, someone flashes us a smile and there is that one fake gold tooth standing out from the rest. But is it really a fake gold tooth? In a few instances it may be. Fake gold teeth covers are readily available on the internet, mostly from joke shops.

Some people like them for humorous reasons and others see fake gold teeth as phony status symbols. Whatever their reasons, they simply want a fake gold tooth. However, not all gold teeth are fake. A crown is a dental repair for a damaged tooth that has the possibility of being retained. Gold is the metal of choice for a crown because of it’s durability. Let’s learn more about how these “fake” gold teeth are made. Step One Your dentist will numb your tooth and make any needed repairs, and then shape, or reduce your tooth in preparation for your fake gold tooth, or crown

Next, your dentist will take an impression of your tooth as a base from which to build the new fake gold tooth. Your dentist will place a temporary plastic crown over your tooth until your fake gold tooth, or crown, is ready. Step Two On your next visit, your dentist will remove the plastic crown and try on your new fake gold tooth crown. He will check it for proper fit and make any adjustments needed. When everything is perfect, the dentist will permanently cement your new fake gold tooth in place. Why do dentists use gold to manufacture your fake gold teeth crowns? Because gold alloys have the strength and durability to provide a lasting fake tooth covering for your damaged tooth.

Fake gold teeth crowns are also easier to adjust in office for a more customized fit. The gold used in your fake tooth crown also won’t promote excessive wear in the enamel of your neighboring teeth. Fake gold teeth crowns can be used to replace the natural crowns on your own teeth, allowing you to retain your natural roots, which is better for your jaw bone in the long run.

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